4 Questions To Ask Nashville House Movers

4 Questions To Ask Nashville House Movers

Moving from Nashville across the state or across the country is always a bit stressful. By hiring professional, trusted house movers, this stress level can be completely eliminated.

Finding the best moving companies with specialized teams dedicated to residential moves will provide you with the quality of moving services you need. Asking just a few simple questions before booking a mover will be a simple way to evaluate companies and their services.

Do You Offer An In-House Survey?

For long distance moves, ensuring the house movers provide an in-house survey to obtain an accurate estimate will be essential. For smaller apartments and homes or for local moves, an in-house survey may not be required.

Any type of move with a significant number of valuable, heavy or very large items should be estimated through an in-house survey.

What Type of Estimate?

A binding estimate or a not-to-exceed estimate provides the individual with a clear picture of the cost of the move for the requested services. Keep in mind, additional services added on after the estimate will increase the total.

A non-binding estimate means the actual price paid for the moving service may be higher than the estimate. This can become challenging, and it may significantly increase the cost of the move over the estimate.

What Services Do You Offer?

Top house movers will offer a full range of services for each move. This includes packing and unpacking, crating and specialized wrapping of items, tracking for long distance moves and a range of other features.

What Experience Do You Have?

Asking about the experience of any Nashville moving company is perhaps one of the most important questions. Poor quality movers simply do not stay in business, so well-established movers are a great option for quality moving from start to finish.

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