3 Tips for Helping a Home Air Conditioner Service in Waldorf, MD

3 Tips for Helping a Home Air Conditioner Service in Waldorf, MD

To help keep cooling bills under control, you should have your home’s HVAC system professionally maintained. However, you can also do your part to help keep your system running efficiently with these tips.

Clean Outdoor Unit

An easy way to help reduce repair and maintenance costs is to keep the outside unit clean and free of debris. Trim the grass around the unit, wipe off any debris on top of it and use a garden hose to occasionally wash it out. Have a home air conditioner service in Waldorf, MD remove the cover and clean the coils when they clean the inside during their routine maintenance visit to your home.

Change Filter

If you have a modern HVAC system, change the filter as recommended by the manufacturer. During peak usage, this is usually once a month. This will prevent dust and dirt from clogging the air conditioning system and keep the air in your home cleaner. Professional home air conditioner service will include checking the Freon, looking for leaks, checking the electrical connections, and examining the air ducts for holes that might keep your home from being efficiently cooled.

Clean Out Vents

When you’re vacuuming the carpet, use the crevice tool to clean out the air vents to prevent dirt and dust buildup. If it gets too dirty in the ducts, it can prevent the air from circulating as it should. Although it can be expensive, you should consider having a home air conditioner service thoroughly clean the air ducts to remove debris, dirt, and any rodent droppings they might contain, which you cannot reach using a vacuum cleaner.

By performing these home maintenance tips, your HVAC system can efficiently cool your house and control your energy costs. It can help reduce the amount of dust in the air, so everyone can breathe easier.

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