3 Reasons Not to Slow Down and Stare at an Auto Accident in Philadelphia

3 Reasons Not to Slow Down and Stare at an Auto Accident in Philadelphia

Thousands of people hit Philadelphia’s roads each day, so it’s inevitable that most drivers will eventually encounter a car accident. When it happens, though, many people tend to slow down so they can stare at the accident scene. Known colloquially as “rubbernecking”, it can be extremely dangerous.

Here are three important reasons not to stare at car accidents.

Distracted Driving

Rubbernecking is a risky type of distracted driving because it affects drivers mentally and visually. According to recent statistics, about 20% of accidents are caused by distractions. When a driver stares at an accident scene, they take their eyes from the road—increasing the risk of an accident. When an accident happens, call a towing service in Philadelphia PA.

Slow-Moving Traffic

Even if an accident isn’t caused by rubbernecking, it will slow the movement of traffic. Drivers put themselves in additional danger by slowing down to look at crashes, and when others follow suit, it leads to congestion that increases the risk of more accidents. That’s why it’s important to maintain a steady speed, and by doing, it, drivers will keep themselves safe and traffic moving.

Losing Control

Staring at accidents leads to another issue: losing control. By not paying attention to the road, a driver breaches their duty of care to other motorists. This level of irresponsibility is subject to legal liability, which typically means the at-fault driver must compensate accident victims.

Stay Focused and Stay Safe

While it’s tempting to sneak a peek at a car accident, it’s dangerous and irresponsible. When this happens, a driver can travel a significant distance in only a few seconds—which is plenty of time to cause another crash. Though it’s not supposed to happen, drivers can count on a towing service in Philadelphia, PA, when it does.

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