3 Questions to Ask an MBBS Abroad Consultancy

3 Questions to Ask an MBBS Abroad Consultancy

Most medical universities and colleges around the world use recruiters to attract students to their programs. The challenges in obtaining an MBBS in India mean that recruiters are actively seeking Indian students to train to become doctors outside of the country.

An MBBS abroad consultancy is not the same as a recruiting service for a specific medical college or the medical colleges within a country. Instead, the consultancy service is there to support the student from their first application process through to the completion of their PG.

Finding the best MBBS abroad consultancy starts with doing research on the medical college or university they represent. At the first meeting with the academic advisor, it is important to ask several questions, including on these topics.

Graduate Placement

Knowing where graduates from the MBBS abroad find work after their PG is essential. Ask for specific information for the last several years to understand what the potential options will be for you upon graduation and completion of the PG.

PG Placement

Ideally, the PG should be in an ACGME approved teaching hospital in USA. This allows graduates to work as a doctor in India, the United States, Canada, and many other countries throughout the world.

Tuition and Scholarship Opportunities

An MBBS abroad consultancy will assist students in finding information on tuition costs and scholarship opportunities. Some of the top scholarships offer up to 40%, with the option to complete a PG in the USA at no cost to the student. In addition, the PG in the USA allows students to earn a stipend, allowing them to pay off their student debt during their PG.

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