3 Questions That Homeowners Should Ask Roofers in Pasadena Up Front

3 Questions That Homeowners Should Ask Roofers in Pasadena Up Front

You’ve decided that it’s time to stop patching the old roof and invest in a new one. Now the focus is on determining which of the residential roofers Pasadena will do the job. As you speak with different roofers, make it a point to ask these three questions. The responses will help narrow the range of choices and ensure you hire a roofer that will do a good job.

One of the first things to find out is how long the roofer has been in business. That may be how long the company has been around, but don’t be surprised if the roofer offers more than one response. What you may learn is that the roofer had extensive experience with another company before the current one. That’s actually good, since it indicates the roofer is capable enough to remain in demand in the industry.

Another question to ask has to do with the crew that will work on the roof. What sort of training and experience do they possess? What you want to hear is that each member of the team has successfully installed a number of residential roofs and know their tasks well. If there will be a novice on the team, assurance that a seasoned roofing professional will be overseeing that person’s work will be great.

One last question has to do with the insurance protection that the roofing company brings to the job. Many roofers Pasadena have liability and other forms of business coverage designed to protect the crew in the event of injury. They also carry coverage that will cover any damage to your home as the result of the crew’s work. Knowing this is in place, even though there’s no anticipation of accidents or damage, provides peace of mind.

Take your time and choose the roofer carefully. Doing so will make for a more harmonious working relationship and increase the odds that you will be happy with the roof for many years to come.

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