Used Truck Parts in New Haven, CT Save Truck Owners Money

Used Truck Parts in New Haven, CT Save Truck Owners Money

The soft economy has hurt many people financially. When their trucks break down and they need to be repaired, the cost of new parts is beyond many people. For contractors who depend upon their trucks to make money, this can mean financial disaster. Fortunately, there are salvage auto parts yards that provide high-quality, used truck parts in New Haven, CT. People looking for truck parts can begin their search online. This industry has embraced the Internet and it’s possible to have parts shipped directly to their garage or home.

A lmost every truck part is available from a salvage yard. This includes a used engine, used transmission or used windshield. Shopping at a salvage yard can save a truck owner hundreds of dollars on truck parts in New Haven, CT. Truck owners should always speak with representatives from a salvage yard, regardless of the part that needs to be replaced. They routinely stock over 100,000 automotive and truck parts. Therefore there’s a good chance it’s in stock. Before truck owners purchase from any salvage yard, they should look into their return policies and warranties.

Most salvage yards do have return policies. A prospective customer should make sure that it’s about 90 days. This gives them the time they need to install these truck parts in New Haven, CT in their truck and see if it works properly. There should not be any hassles if it needs to be replaced. It’s also a good idea to ask if there is any restocking fee for returning a part. Generally a customer can expect a short-term 90-day warranty period on salvage yard parts. Many yards also give customers the option to purchase extended warranties for up to two years. Warranties can also cover labor as well as parts.

In addition to used parts, many salvage yards also sell aftermarket parts. An aftermarket part is a new auto part that is not made by the original equipment manufacturer. They are to auto and truck parts what generic drugs are to the pharmaceutical industry. They are virtually identical to the original manufacturer’s part, but they don’t carry the prestige of the brand name. A truck owner can also save hundreds of dollars by using aftermarket parts. Visit us online to know more about our services!!

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