Off-Campus Living: Tips for Staying Safe in Student Apartments

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Student Housing Center

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A top concern for many college students who live in student apartments in Huntsville, TX is safety. While the community is safe and quiet, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. If you’re moving into a student apartment, here are some tips to stay safe.

Lock Your Doors

Doors have locks for a reason. It doesn’t take much effort to lock and unlock your door when necessary. When your door is locked, it makes it much harder for someone to come into your space.If you have a lock that doesn’t work well or you question its security, contact your landlord to ask about getting it changed.

Walk with Friends

Whether you are walking to class or walking your dog, never walk alone. If you absolutely can’t avoid walking alone, stay in well-lit areas and in spaces where there are plenty of people. Consider taking shuttles if you are going back-and-forth from school late at night.

Make Sure Your Cell Phone’s Charged

Everyone has cell phones, but not everyone keeps them charged all the time. When you are living in an off-campus apartment, your phone is more than a texting device or a computer in your hand. It’s a safety device. Make sure it’s charged and on at all times.

Be Careful About Invites

Always be careful about who you are inviting back to your place. If you’re meeting somebody for the first time, don’t give out your address and meet in a public location.

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