How Do Experiential Marketing Companies Differ From Other Forms of Marketing?

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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You may be familiar with digital marketing or traditional print marketing. However, experiential marketing companies differ completely from other types of marketing. Here is a quick insight into their differences and what you can expect from working with a company of this kind.

Experiential Marketing Companies Traffic in Experiences, Not Materials

While other marketing companies focus on producing marketing materials, such as social media profiles, advertisements, and flyers, experiential marketing agencies are companies that produce experiences. They are a combination of event planning agencies and marketing companies.

While producing a memorable event requires materials such as social media ads, flyers, entertainment during the event, and more, the real focus is on the experience that attendees will have, rather than any one piece of paper or social media post. The marketing company will manage all aspects of the experience.

Experiential Marketing Wants to Build a Connection Between Audiences and Corporations

Experiential marketing companies focus on creating connections that last through events. The goal is to build a lasting tie between people who were invited or heard about the event and the organizer. While few people remember every advertisement they see online or billboard in person, they will remember an event they attended.

Experiential Marketing Is the True Cutting Edge of Marketing

People are getting more and more wary of ads that they see, including advertising online, which they see as inauthentic. However, experiences are still highly valued, especially among the younger population, making this an area with untapped marketing potential.