Biggest Mistakes Plaintiffs Make During a Car Accident Case in Phoenix, AZ

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Law Services

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You’d be surprised just how many injured parties sabotage their auto accident case with careless actions that could have been easily avoided. Don’t let that happen to you. Get a car accident lawyer near Phoenix, AZ who can teach you the biggest mistakes car accident clients make.

Failing to Collect Evidence

Immediately after a car accident, collect evidence (i.e., pictures, videos, and witness statements) to prove what happened. Continue to keep all documentation related to the accident organized in case you need it to support your case.

Not Going to the Doctor

Whether you have obvious injuries or not, you should get to a doctor immediately after your accident. The doctor will examine you, which will allow them to detect any damage not immediately apparent. They can also recommend a treatment plan (if necessary). Keep up with all of your treatments and document your expenses.

Talking Too Much

It’s natural to talk to friends and family about what’s going on in your life. However, you should practice discretion during your case. Don’t talk about the case on social media, even if your account is private. Be mindful of what you say to people in texts and emails, too. All of this information can be used against you if uncovered.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

A car accident lawyer near Phoenix, AZ will assess your case, file the required claims, and negotiate a settlement for you. Plaintiffs without a lawyer receive a much lower settlement on average than those with a lawyer.