Why Are More People Considering Commissioned Furniture?

Why Are More People Considering Commissioned Furniture?

Traditionally, commissioning a unique piece of handmade furniture has been considered the exclusive preserve of the rich, rather than an option which is open to us all. Fortunately changes in the way which consumers acquire their goods and increased emphasis on the value of individualized acquisitions rather than mass-manufactured uniform commodities has prompted a growing number of Americans to discover that a bespoke item of furniture, such as a William Earle table, has a number of advantages over a factory made choice. Take a look at three trends which are contributing to the rise in commissioned goods.

Increased Accessibility

One of the many benefits of the Internet is shoppers now have access to a far larger marketplace when it comes to picking an artist or designer to create their dream piece of furniture. In past decades, choice was limited by geography and marketing exposure, meaning it was rare to order items from a different state or even a foreign country. The global shopping choices now on offer mean that William Earle furniture or Lindsey Adelman lighting is available to Americans living anywhere on the continent, rather than in or around California.

Rise of the Green Agenda

Unfortunately mass manufacture is rarely an environmentally friendly process. While the stereotypical image of grim, grey factory buildings belching smoke out into the atmosphere isn’t always entirely accurate, it’s certainly true to say that high volume enterprises face considerable challenges when it comes to working in a greener manner. In contrast, solo furniture designers such as William Earle carefully craft one piece at a time, using responsible sourcing and low impact ways of working to produce individually customized pieces which combine appealing 21st Century design features with an attractively green construction process.

Get What You Want

Whether it’s a table with specific measurements which will fit exactly into its intended spot in your lounge, or a stool which needs to be made from a certain wood in order to blend with other items in your space, when you commission a piece you can get exactly what you want. It’s frequently cheaper to purchase a bespoke piece than it is to try and get an existing item modified or adapted to give you the look you want. Being able to ensure William Earle furniture is precisely what you want for your home saves the frustration and time-wasting which are an inevitable part of trying to shop around for what you need.

If you’re keen to commission a tailor made piece of furniture by William Earle or another leading designer, Twentieth.net has curated collections featuring the work of several well-known leading creators of exquisitely unique pieces. In addition to gaining further insight into the work which each designer offers, there’s also the chance to get in touch in order to discuss your commission needs in more detail.

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