Why a Shower Door is a Great Option for Any St. Louis Bathroom

Maintaining privacy and ensuring your bathroom stays dry are two key tasks of any type of shower enclosure. To be sure, when it comes to doing these tasks well, you have a variety of options to choose from. One of the best, though, is a quality shower door from a trusted shower door supplier St. Louis, MO. To ensure you outfit your bathroom in a way that will keep you happy for years to come, here are a few ways that shower doors stand out from the crowd.


A shower door is inherently rigid. This quality makes shower doors easy to clean since they can be easily wiped down after your shower is over. A shower curtain, on the other hand, is flexible, which makes it more difficult to dry after a shower, meaning at least some water remains in the various folds of the shower curtain material. Eventually, this water residue will lead to the growth of mold on your shower curtain, which typically requires the curtain to be replaced. With a shower door, however, as long as you spend a few seconds after your shower drying it off, you won’t experience mold or mildew growth, allowing you to keep your shower door for as long as you like.


Since shower curtains have to be made to fit a wide variety of showers, they typically only come in a few styles, meaning you have to match your bathroom decor to your shower curtain instead of the other way around. With a shower door, however, a shower door supplier St. Louis, MO, can customize this piece of hardware in just about any way you like. Therefore, you can add a touch of class to just about any bathroom that will perfectly match the decor you’ve already chosen.

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