When You Need Floor Refinishing in Manhattan

  Your wood floors should be showcased in your home or business in Manhattan. Wood is a material that can last for a hundred years, or longer, if it’s treated correctly. This means ensuring that you don’t drag furniture across the floor, that you clean it regularly and, of course, refinish the floors as needed.

Floor Refinishing in Manhattan should be done about every 10 years. This, of course, is an average, and if your rooms are used only a little bit, or if they’ve experienced very little wear, then you may be able to go longer before you need to have them refinished. Conversely, if you have a high traffic area that uses wood flooring, it’s possible that they will have to be refinished more frequently.

There are a couple of different ways that you can determine if your floors need to be refinished. Firstly, you need to go by how the wood looks. If you can see a lot of scratches in the floor and the overall look isn’t pleasant, then you will need to refinish your floors.

Another way to determine if you need to refinish your floors is to put a drop of water on the floor. If it beads up and simply sits there, then your floor is fine. If that water is absorbed into the wood, then you need to get the floors refinished. The faster the water is absorbed, the worse shape the flooring is actually in!

Some people aren’t sure whether or not their floor needs to be replaced or refinished and many people will choose a replacement when it’s not necessary. The floor refinishing cost is going to be far more affordable than that of replacing the floor. It’s in your best interest to talk to an expert about getting it refinished prior to pulling out the wood thinking that it’s a lost cause.

Wood floors can typically be refinished about 10 times before they need to be replaced. There are some expectations – for example, some homes are built with thicker wood floors, wood planks of 1″, while others are only 1/4″. The standard is 3/4″. The thicker the floors, the more often you can have it refinished.

If your flooring needs work, consider whether or not it can be refinished. If you’re not sure, call an expert and they can help you to determine what the best option will be.

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