When to Call for Tree Evaluations in Richmond, VA

Your trees are an important investment to your property. Not only do they add value to your home, they are also good for the environment and pleasant to look at. Unlike what most people think, though, these trees require some care on your part to ensure they are healthy and will last a long time into the future. Because most homeowners aren’t aware of the proper care and don’t know when their trees need help, tree evaluations in Richmond, VA, may be necessary.

Overall Health

Many homeowners have no idea whether they trees are healthy or not. Therefore, it can be helpful to call in a professional arborist to check for any problems, especially if you recently bought the home and aren’t sure about its past history. If there is a problem with your tree, the arborist will be able to advise you on what needs to be done to return your tree to health.

Disease and Insects

Sometimes your trees may be impacted by a tree disease or insects that are harming your tree. If you notice any visible damage to your tree, tree evaluations in Richmond VA, can help you identify what the problem is and how to remedy the problem. Insects can usually be eliminated with specific treatments, though the tree may still suffer if the damage is too severe. When it comes to disease, some of them are treatable, while others aren’t. Either way, it is important to take care of it immediately to ensure no other trees in the area become infected.

Weather Damage

Disease and insects aren’t the only things that pose a threat to the trees in your yard. When severe weather moves through the area, the wind and lightning can cause damage to your tree. While some of this damage can result in the full removal of the tree, minor damage can often be resolved with pruning instead. Be sure to talk to your local arborist soon after the damage occurs so you can save your tree if at all possible.

Taking care of damaged or diseased trees is essential to keeping them as healthy as possible and protecting the other trees around them. If you allow damaged trees to stand, they could even pose a threat to your property or people in the area. Calling an arborist for tree evaluations in Richmond, VA, will allow you to easily identify any problems your tree is experiencing, as well as help you resolve the issues.

To learn more about what an arborist can identify with tree evaluations in Richmond, VA, visit the R.L. Elliott Enterprises.

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