What to Expect From Day Centers in Philadelphia for Elderly Adults

If you have an elderly relative who doesn’t need to move to a nursing facility but shouldn’t stay at home alone during the day, then consider the benefits of an adult day center. Workers monitor the safety of those who visit and interact with each person so that they stay busy both physically and mentally.

Staying at Home

When you’re working or need to run errands, your family member can go to the center for a few hours before going back home. This allows a person to stay at home while feeling a part of the community.

Daily Assistance

There are a variety of adult day services in Philadelphia centers offer that help those who attend maintain their independence. Workers often help with feeding, medications, and how to take them properly and mobility. These services can help keep those who visit the center as active as possible so that they might not need to move to a nursing facility.

Health Assessments

While at a daycare center for adults, nursing assistants are sometimes called in to provide medical assessments. These include blood pressure readings, hearing tests, and intake information regarding fluids and foods. If there are issues seen by the medical workers, an appointment can be made with the person’s doctor for further testing.


Those who attend adult day services in Philadelphia can take part in activities with others who are their age. Field trips are sometimes offered for those who are able to travel. Holiday gatherings and other social events are often coordinated by day centers as well.

Contact Main Line Adult Day Center at https://www.mainlineadultdaycenter.org for more information about services that are offered.

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