What are boutique hotels?

Over the last few years, boutique hotels have come into their own; they are now the most liked hotels worldwide. The funny part of it is; no one really knows exactly what the word means when it comes to hotels or even why the term is used.

One thing is very clear though, the hoteliers know the qualities and characteristics of boutique hotels in Suffolk County and they know what will make their hotel fall nicely into this category. The first quality is size, the owners of these hotels all are in concurrence, a hotel with more than 100 rooms cannot qualify, more often than not; a boutique hotel has between 25 and 75 rooms.

A second quality which is synonymous with boutique Hotels In Suffolk County is atmosphere. Atmosphere in this context is the sum of all the facilities and services that make for an outstanding stay by the guest. When used to best describe boutique hotels, the term comprises the décor, ambiance, the personalized service rendered by the staff and the way all of these combine to create a certain sense of belonging and closeness among the guests, which further adds to the hotels popularity. The best boutique hotels are those that have created an atmosphere that is filled with a certain sense of intimacy. To those deeply involved in the hotel industry, they define intimacy as professional caring, warmth and personalized services par excellence. In all instances, the key to all in a boutique hotel is professionalism. There is a significant difference between calling a guest by their name rather than simply Sir or Madam or even worse, greeting the guests with a big bear hug.

Great service in terms of a boutique hotel means the staff must basically know in advance what their guest’s needs and wants are rather than responding when asked. The difference between good service and great service is all in anticipating what your guests will want and when they will want it. The ability of the staff to anticipate the needs of their guests is the mark of an excellent boutique hotel.

When you add all the qualities up the result is a hazy definition of a boutique hotel, a place where the guests feel happy and contented and look forward to their next stay.

One of the newest boutique hotels in Suffolk County is Viana Hotel & Spa. Relax and enjoy your stay while remaining in close proximity to Manhattan and all of Long Island.

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