Understanding Basic Hydraulic Parts in Gary, Indiana

Understanding Basic Hydraulic Parts in Gary, Indiana

Hydraulic systems are all a little bit different, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have certain things in common. In fact, the basic configuration and components are the same in just about every hydraulic system, which makes it fairly simple to understand Hydraulic Parts in Gary Indiana and how they are supposed to work. Read on to get started learning the basics of the various parts of a hydraulic system and what they are designed to do.

Liquid Reservoir

Hydraulic systems utilize liquid, which helps to explain their name. This liquid, generally hydraulic oil, is held in a reservoir until it is ready to be pumped through the system.

Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic pumps are designed to force hydraulic oil through a system to power it. They are an essential element of a well-designed hydraulic system and must be kept in good working order if they are to keep the system running efficiently.

Power Source

All hydraulic systems require a power source to drive their pumps. They can be powered by everything from electricity to gas, diesel, or other fuels, so it’s important to know what fuel source the pump uses when purchasing hydraulic machinery.

Linear or Rotary Actuator

There are two kinds of actuators used to convert liquid energy into mechanical force. These can be cylinders, which are designed to provide linear motion or motors. Motors provide rotary motion.

Piping and Hoses

The hydraulic oil must be moved between different parts of the system, which requires specialty piping. Some hydraulic units also use hoses to move liquid throughout the system. These hoses and pipes are designed to be durable but should be checked routinely for leaks.

Replacing Parts

Hydraulic systems are expensive so, when they malfunction, it’s usually more cost-effective to have them repaired than to purchase entirely new systems. Individuals looking for the Hydraulic Parts in Gary Indiana they need to perform repairs can find a full inventory of parts and components online. Visit the website for Miller Hydraulic Service Inc to view available parts or learn about the company’s hydraulic cylinder and pump rebuilding services to get started.

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