Top 5 Reasons to Receive Massage Therapy Services in Burnaby

Top 5 Reasons to Receive Massage Therapy Services in Burnaby

Massage therapy is a common procedure many people undergo nowadays because of its numerous health and wellbeing effects. The following are the top reasons why you should receive regular massage therapy.

1.Reduce Stress

Massage therapy near Burnaby is significant in reducing stress on physical and psychological levels. It achieves this by stimulating the release of feel-good hormones, increasing relaxation, and decreasing heart rate. Reduced stress is associated with high quality of life.

2.Reduce Muscle Tension

Massage therapy near Burnaby reduces muscle tension in many ways. Some include reducing pain, promoting tissue elasticity, and stimulating psychological relaxation. It also reduces tension by increasing the temperature of soft tissues.

3.Better Sleep

The therapy is also effective in promoting better sleep. It can achieve this by reducing stress, which tends to affect sleep. It can also better sleep by handling pain and tension resulting from injury or stress. The release of feel-good hormones following a massage also enhances sleep.

4.Increase Exercise Performance

Massage increases exercise performance by stretching muscle fibers and promoting flexibility. Regular and consistent massage can increase muscle motion and flexibility, thus enhancing physical performance.

5.Manage Pain

Therapeutic massage manages pain in many ways, such as reducing muscle tension, relieving stress, and relaxing painful muscles and joints. It can also prevent the transmission of pain messages from and to the brain.

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