Three Signs of Gluten Intolerance and What You Can Do in Carolina

Three Signs of Gluten Intolerance and What You Can Do in Carolina

Gluten intolerance is a current epidemic that affects thousands of people. Some people don’t even realize that they are intolerant because of their lack of knowledge. Gluten is a substance that is found in a lot of bread and cereals. It’s a mixture of proteins that some people are sensitive to. Here are signs that a person is intolerant of gluten.

Stomach Bloating

Bloating is a common reaction that people experience when their bodies cannot tolerate gluten. You may notice the bloating and gas shortly after you eat something that has the substance in it.

Cramping and Abdominal Pain

You may also experience abdominal cramping if you suffer from gluten intolerance. The pain can vary from mild discomfort to severe pain.


Another thing that you may experience when you eat gluten is diarrhea. Your reaction could come from the other end of the spectrum and manifest as constipation, as well.

Gluten intolerance can also rear its head in other ways, such as headaches and fatigue. If you suspect that you’re allergic to or intolerant of gluten, you can try to remove it from your diet for a while to see if it helps. You can still buy enjoyable foods, such as gluten free frozen pizza, that taste delicious but don’t have the harmful ingredients. Gluten free frozen pizza is just one item among many choices of gluten-free items.

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