The Three Most Common Forms Of Carbon Steel In Seattle WA

The Three Most Common Forms Of Carbon Steel In Seattle WA

When it comes to a building project, the final result is only as good as the products that are used during construction. While there are many types of steel available, one of the most commonly used is Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA, as it is known for its versatility and durability. At the surface, it may seem that all carbon steel is the same, but there are three distinct types, and each one has specific benefits and uses. Here is a quick look at the three most popular forms of carbon steel.

High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel products are one of the strongest metals on the market, but their brittle texture limits its use. This type of steel is mostly used for large-scale construction projects and is perfect for support beams that need to hold up an extreme amount of weight. Though it is mainly applied in the construction of commercial buildings, some residential contractors use it for creating home’s that have high ceilings.

Mild Carbon Steel

Mild carbon steel is another popular option but is primarily used for the construction of bridges and overpasses. Though it is not as strong as high carbon products, it does offer extreme strength in a less brittle format, which makes it a perfect option for applications where vibration and movement are expected. Mild carbon steel is also used to produce the various flanges that make up common household appliances and vehicles.

Wrought Iron

One of the most used forms of Carbon Steel in Seattle, WA is wrought iron. This type of carbon-metal has the lowest amount of carbon present, which allows it to be used in a wider array of applications. The most popular applications include fences, railings, and exterior doors, as it offers extreme strength and can stand up to a variety of exterior elements without experiencing surface damage.

When it comes to steel, no two options are alike. The team at Specialty Metals offers a wide selection of steel products and can make it easy to determine which type of steel is best suited for a project. Visit to learn more about the options available, and take the first step in ensuring the correct metal product is chosen for any project.

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