The Tallest Building in Brooklyn NY is a Head above the Rest, Across the Board

The Tallest Building in Brooklyn NY is a Head above the Rest, Across the Board

The tallest building in Brooklyn NY is getting a lot of attention not only because it stands taller than the rest but because it is offering the most wanted address in Bklyn. It is no secret that NY’ers are scooping up apartments in the outlying boroughs surrounding Manhattan especially in Kings County. It has quickly become the most sought after borough since the Dodgers called it home.

It is No Surprise

No one should be surprised to know that developers are tripping over themselves to make the old look new again and to build bigger and better housing options throughout the area but no one has been able to snag the title of the tallest from 388 Bridge.

Why Does Tall Matter?

If you have not been out to Bklyn in the last decade or so you may not realize exactly how much it has grown “up” (pun intended). Taller matters because you don’t lose the view. The taller the better. The more height the better the view. Being able to see over the buildings straight to the New York skyline matters greatly, it gives you a unique opportunity to live somewhere that is a stand out building.

The Amenities

Of course being tall is not the only reason you want to check out 388 Bridge. Can you say amenities? You get to live in a one of a kind building and you get:

  • A lifestyle
  • Great neighborhood
  • Beautifully appointed living spaces
  • Perfectly edited building
  • All the amenities that you need

You get a lifestyle that anyone would be excited about. It is in a great neighborhood that is diverse. The living spaces are simply gorgeous and the building itself is perfectly edited. The amenities are too plentiful to list. Go take a look for yourself, be prepared to be impressed!

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