The Skin Treatment in Bethlehem PA Regarding Warts

The Skin Treatment in Bethlehem PA Regarding Warts

With multiple aspects depending on their location, skin warts affect about a quarter of school-aged children and adults. It is a benign and not very contagious skin infection related to the presence of a papillomavirus on the surface of the skin. In the vast majority of cases, warts disappear spontaneously within two years, but the person may want to seek a professional Skin Treatment in Bethlehem PA.

Warts are linked to the HPV virus

Warts, also called viral papilloma, are benign cutaneous lesions. They are connected to a virus called the “human papillomavirus” (or HPV, of which there are many different types). There are several types of warts depending on their appearance, their location, and the nature of HPV virus responsible. A doctor can distinguish common warts and plantar warts from filiform warts and flat warts.

One of the most common skin conditions

Cutaneous warts are common, one in four will experience a wart or more in their lifetime. In most cases, people who have had a wart in the past will see more pop up later in life. Although they mainly affect children, they are not exceptional in adults.

Warts are also common in immunocompromised individuals, particularly those who have undergone kidney transplants because of the immunosuppressive treatments required for transplantation. An immune assessment can be ordered when multiple warts are seen in a healthy adult. This is why getting the right skin treatment in Bethlehem PA is so essential.

Warts are not very contagious

The primary source of contagion is the skin lesion itself due to the environmental spread of HPV-infected epidermal scales. Human-to-human transmission is most often direct by skin contact, favored by skin break-ins and drying of the skin. Some environmental factors appear to play an essential role in distribution (swimming pools, gyms, etc.), coming into close contact with an affected individual, and so on. Some professions also promote the proliferation of warts, including professionals handling meat, poultry, and fish (slaughter, butchers, veterinarians).

Warts and cancer

HPV that cause warts on the hands and feet do not cause skin cancer. Unlike the mucosal HPV tied to the cervix, cutaneous HPV is not directly carcinogenic. Click here for more information.

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