The Often Overlooked Benefits of a Sliding Glass Door

The Often Overlooked Benefits of a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors in San Diego on a patio, pool deck, or into a sunroom can be stylish additions to any home. The large expanse of clear glass allows you to enjoy a mostly unobstructed view into the outside world while remaining comfortable and secure indoors, away from harmful UV rays, annoying bugs and noisy neighbors. In addition, having a sliding door can open additional design possibilities within your room as there is no limitation on furniture placement to allow a door to swing on hinges. Indoor plants can also grow larger and healthier with the addition of more sunlight into the room. This is especially true for delicate plants such as Orchids and Roses which may be fickle about their lighting needs.

Top 5 Benefits to Know when Considering a Sliding Glass Door

  • Safety. Even though sliding glass doors are large and sometimes thought to be delicate, they are now offered with shatterproof panes to provide extra safety for your family.
  • Security. There are additional options to provide a secondary level of security to sliding doors including frame locks, overhangs to prevent lifting out of the rails and engineered stiles.
  • Energy efficient. While the large panes of glass may seem like they would cost more to heat and cool, the added benefit of allowing in ample amounts of natural light help save on electricity. In addition, during the summer a sliding door can be opened to allow in a gentle breeze.
  • Space saving. There are no hinges to worry with, and no need for a large open room for double doors to swing into. Furniture can be placed just a few inches away from a sliding door rail and not cause any issues with opening or closing.
  • Natural light. Numerous studies have shown that additional natural light can improve a person’s mood and increase their energy.

Keeping an Eye on your Children and Pets

Children and pets can play happily in the backyard while you keep a watchful eye on them from inside the house. With very few obstructions on the large panes of glass, you can easily glance up from your work or a book to check on your family outside. Sliding glass doors are easy to open and close, allowing you to quickly access the yard or return to the house with little effort. Once installed professionally by companies such as US Window and Door your sliding glass patio door will provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family.

If you’re considering a remodel to your home, sliding glass doors in San Diego are a great choice! Be sure to contact US Window & Door for a wide selection and professional installation.

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