The Most Important Things To Consider When Ordering Custom Window Treatments In Long Island NY

Windows add a dramatic appearance to a room and bring the great outdoors inside by offering an unobstructed view and allowing sunshine to stream in. Though they are often a primary focal point of a home, they can be dressed with custom window treatments in Long Island, NY and provide a custom look. Before going out to purchase new curtains or drapes, be sure to consider the following details first, as this will make it easy to find the perfect window coverings for any size or style home.

Fabric Length

It is crucial to accurately measure for draperies as the fabric will need to be cut to those exact specifications. Many choose to have their treatments sized larger than the actual window as it can help to add height to a room and make the windows appear larger than they really area. It is often complicated to envision what the result will look like, which is why many find it helpful to hold fabric up to the window to determine the final desired length.

Curtain Backing Material

The fabric on the outside is what guests will see, but the backing material is what will give the custom window treatments in Long Island, NY their insulative and light blocking properties. The heavier the fabric used, the more light-blocking quality it will have. To combat having to choose, consider using a sheer liner behind the drape, which will provide minimal privacy without obstructing the flow of light.

Mounting Track System

Another important consideration is the track that is used to mount and operate the blinds. Manually operated units are more budget-friendly, but require the use of an extension pole. Electronic systems open and close the drapes at the press of a button and help to alleviate stains and other discoloration by preventing the need to touch the curtains when moving them.

With a little research finding quality, high-end curtains and drapes can be simple. The designers at Interiors By J C Landa offer complete window treatment consultation services and can help find the perfect fabric for any space. Visit  to learn more and take the first step in giving any windows the makeover they deserve.

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