The Importance of EOL Industrial Packaging in Wexford, Ireland

The Importance of EOL Industrial Packaging in Wexford, Ireland

No matter what industry you are in, there will probably be a need for packaging machines that function as end-of-line solutions. For those who may not be aware, these types of machines can construct boxes as well as pack them, seal them and label them. Here are some different types of end of line packaging machinery that is typically used in a factory setting.

Case Packer

This is typically a higher-end machine that automatically sorts the finished boxes and then places the products within bigger boxes. After the products are placed inside, the machine will seal the boxes and then place manufacturing coding on the outside of the box. These are great solutions for food or liquids.

Compact Machines

This is another high-end machine but this one has a slightly different purpose. A compact machine will gather the finished boxes and stack them in a predetermined manner until they form a single unit. The units are then coded with a corresponding value.

Wrap Around Machines

This type of end of line packaging machinery is used in a wide array of industries. It works by assembling a large case, inserting the smaller boxes, and then gluing the case shut. Coding is then printed on the outside of the case. All the motors inside this machine, as well as with the others mentioned here, are servo motors.

If you need automatic packaging machines, contact Tekpak Automation Ltd. They can assist you in making the correct machine for your industrial needs.

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