Roof Falls in the USA Are Not Uncommon and They Are Preventable

Roof Falls in the USA Are Not Uncommon and They Are Preventable

Fall protection anchors on a roof provide a place to hook a lifeline and safety harness for rooftop workers. These anchors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes designed to be used on different types of roofs.

Flat commercial roofs may use a railing system to prevent falls or a freestanding weighted roof anchor. Davit systems are also popular for use on a flat roof.

If you own a home or a commercial building with a metal roof, installing standing seam roof anchors is both easy and smart. This type of roof anchor attaches securely with non-penetrating set screws. This provides a temporary or permanent anchor point.

In addition to the lanyard, or lifeline, rooftop workers also need to wear a safety harness and adhere to an approved OSHA safety plan. When attached to the roof anchor with the lanyard, if a fall does occur, the worker won’t hit the ground.

If you operate a commercial building, there are OSHA rules and regulations concerning fall prevention. These rules are quite detailed and may require you to install fall protection anchors or railings. Unfortunately, falls from roofs are not uncommon, and it pays to err on the side of safety. Doing so can prevent a tragedy.

Fall Protection Distributors offers a range of roof anchors, davit systems, and personal fall prevention equipment.

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