Preparing For A Move Prior To Hiring A Moving Company Tulsa

Preparing For A Move Prior To Hiring A Moving Company Tulsa

Prior to moving to a larger office building, materials and furnishings should be packed and labeled so that items are not lost or damaged while in transit. A business owner can also dispose of items no longer needed so that a new facility does not become cluttered once materials are unpacked and put away, The tips below will assist with preparing for a move prior to having items transported by a Moving Company Tulsa.

Reserve A Moving Vehicle And Sort Items

Several weeks before a move, a Moving Company Tulsa should be contacted so that a moving vehicle and crew can be reserved for the day that items are due to be brought into a new facility. An individual can Contact Move That Stuff or a similar business so that they acquire a quote and can specify the amount of items that they are going to need help with.

An offce’s interior should be cleaned thoroughly and damaged equipment can be disposed of. If there are any items that are not needed but can be used by someone else, a business owner may wish to donate them. Donations can be picked up or dropped off at a specific location.

Pack And Label Items

Corrugated cartons and packing supplies should be purchased prior to preparing items. Cushioning should be added to the bottom of each carton that will be used to store materials that are breakable. Large covers or foam cushioning can be used to cover pieces of furniture that cannot be disassembled. After packing items, labels should be secured to the side of each carton or covered item so that an individual can keep track of the location of specific items prior to and after a move.

If any pieces of furniture need to be disassembled before they are moved to a new facility, a moving crew can assist. Heavy boxes or pieces of furniture will be placed on carts so that items are not damaged while they are moved from one facility to another one. If a list that includes information about where items will be placed once they are moved into a new facility, it will not be difficult for a business owner to set up their new office.

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