Posting Bail And Bail Bonds

Posting Bail And Bail Bonds

Posting bail is a subject that may people are not familiar with other than they may have heard the term on many TV programs. In a nut shell, bail is money which is deposited with the court which ensures the release of a criminal suspect from jail. This is great because no one wants to sit in jail awaiting trial however; unless you are a person with significant resources you may find that getting bail bonds to be costly.

The idea behind posting bail is that the suspect will have a large enough financial stake in his or her freedom that they will return to court to face trial on the appointed day. When this happens, the bail money is returned to whoever put up the bail in the first place, either the suspect or a bail bondsman. The money is returned regardless of the outcome of the trial, whether the suspect is found innocent or guilty has no effect on the return of the bail money. If however, the suspect fails to return for the trial the bail is forfeited and will be guilty of jumping bail which is also a criminal offense.

As most suspects have to work and look after their family as well as prepare for their pending trial, Washoe County bail bonds in Reno, NV are a very important tool.

The US constitution prohibits excessive bail, however the bail set by the court depends on a host of circumstances which include the risk of flight, the suspects criminal record, the crime, the severity of the crime and whether the suspect posses any danger to the public at large as well as other factors such as employment status and family relationships. The objective is to set bail in an amount which fits the crime but at the same time provides a big enough incentive for the suspect to show up for trial. There are crimes, murder being one of them where bail is simply not available to the suspect; he or she will remain in jail awaiting trial.

Once the bail amount is set it is now up to the accused to raise this amount. In the event the accused can either post the amount personally or perhaps from relatives then this is fine. There are many cases however where the accused cannot raise the bail money and turns to Washoe County bail bonds in Reno, NV. The bondsman will put up your bail in return for a fee which in most cases amounts to 10 percent of the bail amount. When you show up in court the bail money is returned to the bondsman who keeps your 10 percent as the fee for the service.

If you have been arrested and charged with committing a crime you may need Washoe County bail bonds in Reno, NV. If this is the case you can hire services of Able Bail Bonds at any time night or day. Visit website for more information.

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