Options You Have When It Comes to Mulching in Mooresville NC

Designing your landscape professionally offers you a place to relax after a tiresome and stressful working day. The landscape may contain shrubs, flowers, walkways, water features, and other beautiful plants. One way of ensuring that these plants thrive and survive is hiring experts for mulching in Mooresville NC. Mulch serves several purposes; it enhances the appearance of the garden, retains moisture in the soil for a long time, and prevents germination of unwanted weeds. You can use two types of mulch: inorganic and organic mulch. Organic is popular as it is cost effective and good for residential purposes. It also offers great benefit to your plants as the materials decompose providing essential nutrients that the plants need. There are different varieties of organic mulches that you can select.


Leaves make a great mulch material as they enhance soil enrichment causing your landscape to require less additives and fertilizers. They also reduce exposure of soil to wind and direct sunlight which cause evaporation of water. In addition, they insulate plants roots from cold in winter and sun in the summer.

Peat moss

Peat moss is popular as it does not decompose easily, and you can buy it from garden supply stores. You can also combine it with different types of mulches to decrease or increase its efficacy. However, soak-drying peat moss for many times renders it useless as it becomes stiff hindering penetration of water into the soil.

Grass clipping

Dry grass clipping is as effective as leaves are. However, grass is very thick, thus requires mixing with leaves or compost to avoid matting that can prevent moisture and water from reaching the plants thus starving them. Use dry grass clipping only, as fresh grass clipping deposit excessive nitrogen that can damage your plants.

Newspaper or cardboard or wood woodchips

Wood chips are effective when used under shrubs and tress to retain moistures, suppress weeds, and moderate soil temperature. Use cardboard and newspaper after placing heavy materials like compost. Using newspaper and cardboard along other mulches can enhance moisture retention and weed suppression.

Hiring a gardener or a specialized landscape designer for mulching has great benefits to your plants since it prevent soil erosion, reduce insect infestation, and suppress weed germination. If you want professional designing for your garden contact Queen City Lawn and Landscaping. They offer numerous services such as lawn care, lawn maintenance, pressure washing and shrub care.

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