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Solr is name for an Apache software and the word is spoken out loud as “solar”; it is an open source search platform from the Apache Lucene project. The Apache Software Foundation was established in 1999 to provide support for open source software developers. The Lucene project is primarily involved with software written in the Java programming language.

It’s About Sharing

As with all open source software, the concepts behind it are to assist in building a community of developers who can then share their information to the benefit of the group as a whole. Unlike proprietary software developed by an individual or corporation exclusively for their profit; where the programming code is a closely guarded secret.

Continuous Improvement

Cynics sometimes claim that commercial software only gets revised in order to get users to buy another copy of the program. It is true that people, who were very happy using the software that they originally purchased, can feel a little cheated when they pay out more bucks for the latest version only to find that the most visible sign of any upgrade is that the icons have changed and they have to forget many of the habits that had become second nature after years of use.

This should not happen when using open source software where the basic philosophy is geared towards genuine improvements that increase the scope of the program’s operation; iron out old bugs; make the program run faster; or make it easier to use.

Even Searchers Must Search

Although the Solr program involves methods of searching for data, its open source developers must be continuously on the lookout for improvements being made by others in their community. As of October 2013, Solr is at version 4.5.1 but it could not have reached this had it not been for the developers’ abilities to communicate with each other and search for new ideas.

Mailing Lists

One way the developers share their thoughts is through mailing lists but, it is not easy to remember today some information that a list member posted a while ago. To help on this, specialized Solr Mailing List Archives have been created in which the developer can search using Solr to find out more about Solr.

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