Learning About Aerobic Septic Systems In Hawaii

Learning About Aerobic Septic Systems In Hawaii

Homeowners need to study the facts before installing a waste treatment system. Most people are familiar with septic tanks. However, did you know they are called anaerobic systems? Septic tanks are called anaerobic because they do not use oxygen. Rather, septic tanks use bacteria, called biomat, to break down organic waste. The lack of oxygen is to blame for the large amount of sludge that accumulates in septic tanks. Experts say this is what causes septic tanks to back up, overflow in the home and release sewage in the drain field.

On the other hand, aerobic septic systems in Hawaii use oxygen to break down waste. Another name for this type of system is Aerobic Treatment Unit or ATU. Oxygen goes into the system and helps to break down waste faster. Septic systems take a much longer time to break down solid waste. The result is that ATUs make cleaner waste water. ATUs have three tanks. Waste enters the first tank and stays there until it goes into the treatment tank. This is where oxygenation occurs. Finally, the clean water flows into a pump tank. The water can be pumped through a drip system or into a drain field. The cleaner water extends the drain field’s life.

Another advantage of ATUs is less odor. Facultative bacteria are used in both systems. However, in a regular septic tank system they do not get oxygen. Instead, they take oxygen from waste byproducts. Consequently, they make hydrogen sulfide gas which smells like a rotten egg. Oxygen mixes with faculative bacteria and stops gas production and the foul smell. The disadvantages of Aerobic Septic Systems in Hawaii are a larger price tag. Aerobic systems cost more and need to be inspected more often. Also, ATUs need electricity to work. Experts suggest checking with local government before buying an ATU. You want to make sure the system can be used in your area. All in all, the system you have depends on what is important to you. A traditional septic tank does the job at a cheaper price. And, the ATU does the job quicker and is more environmentally friendly.

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