Implants through Cosmetic Dentistry in Mt Clemens

Implants through Cosmetic Dentistry in Mt Clemens

A dental implant root is typically made of a titanium alloy, with the surface coated to allow greater ability to be absorbed by the bone. This root has threads on the inside, which serve to tighten the crown into the implant. The crown of the tooth is the part of the tooth that is visible, and which takes the brunt of chewing. The implant is placed into the maxilla or mandible, depending on the need. Your local Cosmetic Dentistry in Mt Clemens can determine if you are a good candidate.

What are the requirements to place implants?

First of all you must have a panoramic x-ray done. The most important condition is to have sufficient bone in both height and width so the implant will fit. Implants are approximately 4 mm wide and 12 mm long. The dentist examines your medical and dental history and the local conditions of your jaw. With all this, you can know how many implants are needed, how many can be placed and where. Bone quality is also assessed and the conditions for forces that will receive the prosthesis on implants.

What if there is not enough bone?

There are different techniques for placing bone grafts, as appropriate, and with different degrees of complexity. In fact, there is almost always missing bone in width or height. The implant body is submerged into the bone. Then a pillar is placed into the implant. Finally the tooth crown goes up either glued or screwed.

Does implant surgery hurt?

The procedure is performed by Cosmetic Dentistry in Mt Clemens and done under local anesthesia, the same that is used to perform a dental extraction. Sometimes the dentist may even use conscious sedation. The intervention does not have to hurt. Postoperative pain and swelling of the face area may occur though. Medication and ice packs are required. Rest for a few days, and eat a bland diet. Although, it is best to discuss the postoperative issues with your dentist. This being, having one implant placed is not the same as having six. What if you had bone grafts? Postoperative pain is much better when dentists use computer-assisted surgical techniques without “cutting the gum”.

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