Identifying The Terms Of An Annulment With A Lawyer In Junction City, KS

Identifying The Terms Of An Annulment With A Lawyer In Junction City, KS

In Kansas, an annulment is the legal nullification of a marriage. The laws prevent a marriage from taking place in certain circumstances that are considered unlawful. The court may render an annulment at any time evidence is presented to substantiate a void marriage.

What are the Circumstances for Seeking an Annulment?

Fraud is among the reasons for acquiring an annulment. In these cases, one or both spouses misrepresented themselves. This could indicate that they lied about their net worth, used an illegal name, or weren’t a legal citizen of the United States. Marriages in which the husband is impotent, or the wife is sterile could equate to fraud. If their spouse wasn’t aware of these conditions prior to the marriage, an annulment is probable. To acquire an annulment due to fraud, contact a Lawyer Junction City KS today.

What are Void Marriages?

The most common void marriages are those in which the age of a spouse was misrepresented. Certain conditions apply to the age of a spouse in Kansas. All individuals under the age of fifteen need parental consent to marry. In cases in which the individual is under the age of sixteen, they need judicial consent first. If the court didn’t grant approval for these individuals, a parental consent is invalid.

Any marriage between blood-related parties are void. The laws include all possible blood-relations including half-siblings. First cousins cannot marry legally in the state of Kansas. Any evidence of a blood relation nullifies the marriage. Parties who discover a blood-relation after marriage should contact a Oleen Law Firm immediately.

All remarriages after the divorce must follow Kansas state guidelines. No one can marry any individual other than their former spouse prior to the expiration of the deadline. This deadline is typically sixty days following the final judgment.

An annulment indicates that the marriage never took place. It will no longer appear on the individual’s vital records. The annulment isn’t the same as a divorce. The individuals won’t include it in the total number of times they have been married. To hire a Lawyer Junction City KS contact Oleen Law Firm in Junction City KS or click here for more information.


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