Get Your Confidence Back With Dentures Las Vegas

Age, poor oral hygiene, and injury can all result in tooth damage and even tooth loss. Missing teeth will force the face to move in awkward positions, even changing the overall appearance of the head. Missing teeth also make it hard to chew.

In order to prevent these problems from getting worse, Desert Breeze Dental Las Vegas can put in Dentures. The process of getting dentures requires a few steps. However, after getting full function of the mouth back again, the time is worth it.

When getting Dentures Las Vegas, the first thing a patient needs to do is come in for a consultation. The dentist and his or her staff will carefully examine the mouth to decide what the best course of action is. In some instances, teeth will have to be removed before dentures can be put in. In other instances only a top denture or bottom denture will be necessary. This can allow for the patient to keep some of his or her own natural teeth. During the consultation, it will be discussed what will be the best route to take for that individual client.

After preparing the patient for dentures, the professional staff will start the fitting process. This involves getting a mold of the mouth. To have properly fitting dentures, the mold needs to replicate the exact shape and size of the mouth. Poor fitting dentures will be ineffective and can cause pain and further injury. After the mold is made, it will be sent out or the Dentures Las Vegas may even be made right in the office. Upon completion, the patient will have to come in for his or her first fitting. During the fitting, the dental staff will ensure that the dentures fit properly. If any adjustments are necessary, the trained dental employee will take care of them. If there are major adjustments that are necessary, the dentures may have to be sent back out.

The patient will then be sent home with his or her new set of false teeth. They will be asked to wear them for some time and then come back in to check the placement once again. As long as the patient is comfortable with their dentures, no further adjustments will be needed. Having dentures can boost self-confidence where it may have been lacking due to missing teeth.

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