Four New Trends in Memory Care Services

Four New Trends in Memory Care Services

Memory care services are continually evolving to incorporate new research and new trends in healthcare. In Monmouth County NJ, you have access to the latest trends in memory care including specialized nutrition and interior design.

1. Good Food. One of the most exciting trends in senior care has been a shift away from institutionalized food towards better menu options. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, and seniors should be eating whole foods packed with nutrients and flavor. Thankfully, senior care facilities like Jersey Shore develop their menus with the nutritional needs of seniors in mind.

2. Smaller Spaces. Another trend in senior care facilities has been changed to an interior design. Seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s thrive in comfortable, familiar surroundings. You want a facility that creates small, soothing, cozy spaces. Smaller rooms and cozier areas encourage small group discussions and one-on-one interactions, which most seniors prefer.

3. Minimizing Stimulation. While memory care should always include components like games and activities, too much stimulation is detrimental to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, the trend in memory care is towards balance. Care providers offer seniors the opportunity to engage in social activities and will encourage appropriate stimulation

Similarly, good senior care means recognizes when a person is becoming uncomfortable or anxious and taking the right steps towards creating a more peaceful environment. Seniors are also encouraged to keep familiar items from home with them, which adds to their sense of comfort.

4. Safety. Of course, safety is always crucial in senior care. A good facility like Jersey Shore is designed with safety features and ergonomic controls. Seniors can walk around and orient themselves easily, without risk of falling or getting lost. Caring staff in Monmouth County NJ is always there to guide seniors and alleviate any disorientation.

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