Buying Your Vehicles Used Is an Investment in Savings and Value

It has often been said and it remains quite true that buying a car is the largest and most important purchase a consumer can make next to buying a home. If you have given any thought to buying used cars in New Lenox, then you should know that there are many advantages to buying used vehicles.


The major advantage of buying used is value and price. Used cars are consistently less expensive than new cars. Moreover, they hold value for longer. The old truism about new cars losing thousands of dollars of value from the moment they are driven off the lot remains true. One can often buy a luxury vehicle like a Porsche for half the original price, and while it will still depreciate in value, it will happen less quickly.


The cars of today are built to last and are typically good for an average of 100,000 miles. A knowledgeable consumer can easily find a vehicle that is in like new condition. Moreover, car manufacturers sometimes offer extended warranties that will cover the cost of repairs for as long as you need.


Dealers like to add on extras when they sell cars new. These include things like racing stripes and protective anti-rust film. These add-ons can add to the price of a new car, but they usually never add to the cost of a used vehicle. If you search for extras in a used car, they will cost you much less than they cost the original owner.

Dealer Fees

Yet another advantage to buying used cars in New Lenox is that you manage to avoid the fees that new car dealers often charge. These can include everything from shipping charges to destination fees and dealer preparation fees. When buying used, the sticker price you see is typically what you get.

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