Advantages of Hiring Siding Contractors in Lawrence Kansas to Replace the Old Material

Advantages of Hiring Siding Contractors in Lawrence Kansas to Replace the Old Material

When a small area of siding becomes damaged, homeowners may decide to replace it as a simple do-it-yourself project. Replacing siding on the entire house, however, is best left to professional Siding Contractors in Lawrence Kansas. Homeowners decide on full siding replacement for two primary reasons.

Improving the Exterior Appearance

Old, faded siding detracts from the home’s aesthetic value. The very old vinyl siding was made of lower quality than today’s products. Many homeowners think it looks unattractive, especially after decades of exposure to the sunshine and other weather elements.

Aluminum siding fades over time and develops a chalky residue. It also is susceptible to denting from hail and other incidents. An upgrade with brand new siding substantially improves the home’s exterior appearance.

Eliminating Underlying Damage

Old siding may eventually develop underlying issues with moisture. Rain may have been seeping in through cracks or other flaws, causing some degree of wood decay underneath. Siding Contractors in Lawrence Kansas can remove all the old siding, make the necessary repairs to the structure, then install the new product. The new siding will be able to completely prevent similar problems to the home in the future as long as any damage that occurs is fixed promptly.

Popular Choices

Vinyl and fiber cement siding is the most popular choices today aside from natural wood that is stained or painted. Homeowners still like the look of aluminum, but it costs more than vinyl, which has been improved enough over the years that it now is often used even for higher-end homes.

In contrast, homeowners must pay more for fiber cement than for vinyl or aluminum, but it has the advantage of looking just like wood without requiring the amount of maintenance associated with wood. The material is made of a combination of cellulose fibers, cement, and sand.


Spring tends to be the busiest season for siding contractors such as Arrow Exteriors, so homeowners who want the work done during those months may need to schedule the work during the early part of the year. Please visit the website for contact information and begin the process of getting an estimate.

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