A Brief Beginner’s Guide to Quail Hunting in Arkansas

Quail hunting in Arkansas can be a relaxing hobby. You can go out with the guys, enjoy the natural landscape and come home with some game that you caught. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take some skill and preparation to be successful. Here is a brief beginner’s guide to quail hunting so you can get the most out of your experience.

Proper Attire
Just like any other sport or hobby, it’s important to have the right clothing for your quail hunting experiences. The most important thing to invest in is a good pair of boots. When you’re hunting for quail in Arkansas, you’ll be walking through swampy areas and other watery areas. The boots you wear should be waterproof and preferably camouflage. Your boots should keep your feet dry and warm but still allow for movement. Your coat should be warm and camouflage, too. More importantly, your vest should be bright and highly visible. Being visible to other hunters will help prevent getting accidentally shot.

Other Gear
In addition to the right clothing for quail hunting in Arkansas, you also need the proper gear. Binoculars are very important so you can spot quails from a great distance. If you have a dog, you can bring it along to help you with your hunt. A gun is also essential. You should find a shotgun that you are comfortable shooting and has a shorter barrel which is ideal for hunting quail.

Finding a Hunting Spot
Possibly the most important aspect of hunting quail is finding a good spot. You can’t just set up a blind anywhere and decide you’re going to hunt for quail. You can talk to duck hunting guides in your area to find out where the best areas are, but you should generally look for forested areas. Quails typically live in wooded areas and they are found mostly in Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi.

Learning about Quails
When hunting for quails, it’s important to know about their habits. Quails typically walk and run, but they can also fly when they want to. Quails typically fly in short bursts when they are afraid. This is important to know when aiming for a quail that you have in your shotgun site.

Hunting Permits
Finally, before you go hunting for quails, you should find out about the permits and licenses needed in the area where you will hunting. You could be responsible for heavy fines or penalties if you hunt in restricted or private areas.


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