When It’s Safe To Buy Used Auto Parts

When It’s Safe To Buy Used Auto Parts

Buying car parts can be quite expensive but there are used parts that are a lot less costly and are as good as and as safe as new parts.

Not all used auto parts are acceptable, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of parts on a car, some take a great deal of abuse and wear out while other parts are well worth considering. When buying Chicago used auto parts which are those that are perfectly acceptable to use?

Rims: Steel rims last for years, sometimes fancy alloy rims don’t. Alloy rims corrode and are quite easy to damage. If you need to replace the rims on your car, used ones are easy to find at your local auto wreckers.

Spare tire: A spare tire is not intended to be used forever, it is a tire that is available when needed and then put back in the trunk when the problem has been taken care of. There is nothing wrong with using a used tire as your spare.

Windows: If your windshield gets cracked or chipped and it can’t be repaired, then look for a used one. As long as the used glass has no imperfections there is no reason not to use it as a replacement.

Transmission: A lot of this depends on the age of your car but one thing is certain, a new transmission will cost thousands of dollars. In a case like this you can cut costs considerably by installing a rebuilt or used unit.

Tires: If you have an older car and you are considering replacing it in the near future it makes economic sense to buy used tires. It is easy to check the manufacturing codes on the tires and there are many in excellent condition in a local auto wrecker.

These are but a few Chicago used auto parts that are safe to install and will certainly save you money. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the people behind the counter at the auto wreckers will not lead you astray.

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