What to Expect from a Mediation Lawyer in Murrieta, CA

What to Expect from a Mediation Lawyer in Murrieta, CA

In California, couples who have filed for a divorce could be subject to the mediation process. The process is available as a means to prevent a divorce trial. Couples who must endure a divorce trial could wait up to two years to finalize their divorce. Mediation offers them the opportunity to discuss their issues and settle their differences. A mediation lawyer in Murrieta, CA helps couples navigate through the process.

Negotiations for Marital Property

In most cases, the couple receives an equitable division of their marital assets. The state can help them to retain any properties or assets either party owned prior to the marriage. They can negotiate marital property based on the need to achieve the standard of living available through the marriage.

Finding a Solution for Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support is another problematic issue for couples. The court often seeks a solution that provides each party with equal time with the children. The court may also help calculate child support. An attorney presents a parenting plan for the couple that offers these benefits without serious issues. However, if either party presents a risk to the children, an alternative solution is needed.

Alimony and Alternative Choices

Alimony is awarded when a spouse doesn’t have the earning capacity to achieve the same lifestyle as they had in the marriage. The payments could be temporary or permanent. Typically, temporary payments are arranged when a spouse chooses to pay for an educational program to help their spouse to increase their ability to support themselves.

Reviews of Prenuptial Agreements

All prenuptial agreements are upheld in California. The agreements may present conditions based on the grounds of the divorce. The mediation process ensures that these conditions are met when the divorce is finalized.

In California, mediation is the last legal step before a divorce trial is set. It enables each party to present their argument in a neutral environment. It could also lower the chances of the disruptions in their lives that a divorce trial could present. Couples who need a mediation lawyer in Murrieta, CA can contact the Law Office of Michelle Penna or visit for more information now.

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