What Does a New Puppy Need?

What Does a New Puppy Need?

Bringing a new puppy home is such an exciting time for the family but it is also a time for big changes and adjustments for everyone. From finding the best Norridge Animal Hospital for your new pet to get the care it needs to making sure you are giving your pup everything you need to so they are healthy and happy:

Food/Water – Puppies need high quality dog food with the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong and they should have access to fresh clean water at all times.

Sleep- Puppies will sleep a lot when they are young and it can be a little frustrating when you want to play and they want to sleep, but remember as they sleep they are growing and staying healthy and happy!

Toys- Make sure your puppy has plenty of toys to play with and that they are toys that are safe for your puppy to chew on and play with- nothing too small or that the pup can easy chew into pieces.

Exercise- Keeping your pup active helps them stay healthy and also helps them grow; they will also learn how to socialize with you and will become a wonderful part of the family over time.

Protection- Your puppy will be looking at you to keep them safe and to protect them just as their mother would; this is your biggest responsibility as the owner of a new puppy.

Training- The final key thing you will need to do with your puppy is teach them- from where to potty, how to play with others, to socialize with other dogs, how to react when out for a walk, and much more.

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