What Can You Expect From Your Dental Oral Surgery in Butler PA?

One of the most common reasons oral surgery is needed is when the wisdom teeth become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth occur when your teeth cannot cut through the gum tissue as they normally would. This causes a painful condition that can be damaging to the surrounding teeth. To overcome this issue, you will need to have Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA to remove the teeth. This procedure can help to stop any pain and pressure in your jaw and prevent the impacted teeth from damaging your other teeth and causing alignment issues.

What Happens When You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When a dentist makes the decision you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, he or she will normally want to remove them all at once. This helps you to avoid needing to go through more than one procedure. To remove the teeth, the dentist will first want to make sure you are under the effects of anesthesia. You will have general anesthesia, to make sure you are asleep during the procedure. This prevents you from feeling any pain and discomfort.

Once you are asleep, the dentist will work to begin removing your teeth. This part of the Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA will involve an incision being made around the tooth, so the roots can be easily removed, without causing damage to your gum tissue. For most extractions, the process is fairly easy, once the incision has been made. In the case where the roots are curved or have grown into the jawbone, the removal can be more difficult. Your dentist will X-ray your teeth before you have your Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA. so he or she will be prepared to know how to proceed.

Once your teeth have been removed, you will have sutures that will dissolve. It will take a few weeks for you to completely heal and for the swelling to go down. Your dentist will give you ample information on caring for your oral health after having Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA.

If you are in need of oral surgery, contact Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. They will be glad to schedule you for an appointment, so you can find out what type of procedure you will need to have, so your smile can stay healthy.

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