Visit McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA For Every Medical Supply

Visit McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA For Every Medical Supply

A person doesn’t have to be sick or old to need help getting around. Anyone, male or female, at any age can also need such things as compression stockings, or hosiery. Individuals who are on their feet all day at work quite often notice swelling of the legs and ankles by the time they get home from work. Standing all night on the midnight shift can be very uncomfortable, causing varicose veins or cellulitis. Something as simple as wearing compression stockings can make a world of difference.

A Myriad of Products to Help One Feel More Comfortable

McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA offers everything from stair lifts and bathing aids, to lift chairs and medical supplies. They have everything anyone needs to lead a more comfortable life at home. They know how many people fall each year just trying to take a bath. Even though they have a bath mat inside the bathtub, the entire mat can slide upon stepping into the tub. Even famous people have fallen in the bathroom and didn’t survive the fall. It’s for this reason they market grab bars, shower chairs, and bath safety stools.

Discounts for Clergy, Doctors and Nurses

The prices McArdle Surgical in Pittsburgh PA charges are very competitive when compared to other surgical supply companies, but they still offer 10% discounts to doctors, nurses and clergy. If a product costs as little as $50 or as much as $500, 10% is quite a discount.

Helping People of All Ages

Many people, young and old, suffer injuries each year which makes getting up out of a comfortable chair just about impossible. The company offers lift chairs that gently lift the individual up so that they can easily stand up. They have stair lifts available to help patients suffering back and leg injuries get up and down the steps. There’s no need to sell the home and move into a one-floor apartment, or senior living center when a stair lift is installed.

Medical Supplies

For patients who may be suffering from incontinence, products such as mattress pads and bed liners are available to keep them dry and comfortable. Click Here to view the chair lifts, stair lift chairs, bathroom aids, medical supplies and compression hosiery, plus all customers are invited to visit the showroom.

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