Up Close but Comfortable: Lodge Safaris in Tanzania

Up Close but Comfortable: Lodge Safaris in Tanzania

Home to the Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania boasts a wide variety of wildlife and natural phenomena. There are many different ways to plan your trip to Tanzania, but going on a safari is the one thing you absolutely must do. If you are after a trip that puts you in the heart of the action in Africa but also offers some amount of indulgence, Tanzania lodge safaris, or even a tented lodge option, might be exactly the kind of escape you are looking for.

Lodge safaris differ from your typical hotel stay in that they are often located right in the middle of the action, usually in game reserves or national parks. Look for a company that offers safaris as a part of a package, and you may get to enjoy the closeness of the wildlife from the comfort of your lodge. Many of the lodges in Tanzania easily rival the luxury of the fancy hotels for amenities, often having their own private restaurants, bars and even swimming pools.

If you are after a slightly more adventurous stay with some of the same amenities, “tented lodges” are another great option. Tented lodges, also known as tented camps, are permanent lodges set up in the middle of game reserves and national parks as well, though they are meant to resemble a camping experience more than the luxury of a hotel. The walls and floor are usually solid structures and are typically covered in canvas, earning the “tented” moniker. Even though the feeling of a tented lodge is more like camping, these accommodations set themselves apart from other camping safaris, such as mobile fly camps, in that they often have running water, and usually their own restaurant and bar as well.

For those who enjoy a mix of action and adventure with their relaxing vacation, Tanzania lodge safaris and tented lodges provide the ultimate getaway. From top-notch views of the great wildebeest migration, to stunning mountain views in Arusha and the beautiful beachfront locations along the Indian Ocean, Tanzania truly sets itself apart. For more details Visit Website.

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