The Importance of Regular Dental Care in St George, UT

The Importance of Regular Dental Care in St George, UT

For many people, carving out time for Dental Care in St George UT, is something they can put off with ease. Unfortunately, choosing to not see a dentist regularly can have serious consequences. Here are some of the reasons why it is so important to see the dentist at least a couple of times each year.

Dealing with Minor Issues

The fact is that many types of dental problems are not readily apparent at first. They may have to advance to a certain stage before any type of pain or discomfort is experienced. At that point, treating the condition will likely call for more comprehensive measures. If the patient had chosen to have regular check-ups, there is a good chance the issue would be caught much earlier and resolving the problem would have been less costly and time-consuming.

Assessing the Condition of the Teeth

Opting for Dental Care in St George UT, involves having a complete exam at least once a year. During those exams, the dental professional has the chance to make sure the teeth are strong and in generally good health. Things like checking the condition of the enamel are a part of that basic exam. Since enamel is something that cannot be regrown once it is gone, the dentist can help the client know what to do to protect this thin coating that coats each tooth. If there is already some enamel missing, the dentist can schedule treatments that may include the application of veneers to help keep the teeth healthy.

Dealing with Inflammation

Sore gums or any type of inflammation of the tissue around the teeth is not something to take lightly. Even if there is some swelling, that begins to subside after a day or two, that is still a sign something is not right. Choosing to schedule a dental appointment will make it easier to determine what is happening and how to treat the condition before it gets worse. In some cases, taking this action will mean being able to save a tooth or prevent damage to the jaw or the gums.

For anyone who has not seen a dentist in some time, call the team at Contact Premier Dental today. They can set up an appointment for an exam and, possibly, a cleaning at the same time.

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