The Importance of Proper Maintenance of Handguns in Amarillo

The Importance of Proper Maintenance of Handguns in Amarillo

There’s no denying it. Texans love their handguns. Because of this, teaching proper care of Handguns in Amarillo is essential to owners. Some may not realize this, but for a gun to function properly, it must be cleaned and lubricated. This goes for new guns as well as previously owned weapons. All new guns are coated with a thin layer of grease, and this grease must be removed before its first use.

Why is Gun Maintenance So Important?

Gun maintenance is important because it prevents damage and malfunctioning. Maintenance also ensures the gun’s accuracy. Every time a gun is fired, a residue is left behind in the barrel. Tiny metal fragments can also be left with each use. Both the residue and metal fragments can result in a build-up that affects the accuracy tremendously. Residue build-up also attracts moisture. This moisture can result in rust forming. That is why it is imperative to remove residue from the barrel. Rust can start to form in as little as 24 hours once moisture accumulates.

How Often Should Handguns Be Cleaned?

A simple rule of thumb to follow for cleaning and lubrication is to clean the handgun after each use. If a gun is stored away and never used, it should still be cleaned and lubricated once a year. This will keep the gun in pristine condition and prevent permanent damage. For those that carry weapons for protection and only plan to use them in the case of an attack, gun maintenance should be performed monthly. This is to prevent malfunctioning if the gun ever needs to be used for defense. A gun that will not fire or cannot fire accurately will not be as effective when trying to ward off an attacker.

Additional Tips for Care and Safety

Being a responsible gun owner is essential when handling firearms. If shopping for handguns in Amarillo, there are some additional care and safety tips that should be followed before handling a new firearm.

  *    Learn about all the characteristics and specifications of the gun chosen.

  *    Never point the gun at an unintended target.

  *    Keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

  *    Always keep guns unloaded until they are ready for use.

The key to being a good gun owner is always having a safety first mind frame. For more tips or to shop a large selection of handguns and rifles, visit

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