Signs That You Need a Slave Cylinder Replacement in Kahului

Signs That You Need a Slave Cylinder Replacement in Kahului

To understand whether or not you need a slave cylinder replacement, you must first understand the way your clutch works. Your clutch works through brake fluid. There are two cylinders in the clutch, the master cylinder and the slave cylinder. The master cylinder is full of brake fluid and is connected by hoses to the slave cylinder. When you press your clutch, the master cylinder delivers brake fluid to the slave cylinder, and the different sizes result in pressure that moves your gears. This is how the clutch opens and closes. So, there are some signs to watch for that can tell you when you have a slave cylinder problem.

Pedal Goes to the Floor

If you are driving your car and you press the clutch, it has resistance. Every driver knows what their clutch feels like. If the clutch just falls all the way to the floor, you know you need slave cylinder replacement in Kahului.

You should contact us because a clutch that far gone is likely to create master cylinder problems as well, if it hasn’t already.

Can’t Change Gears

As stated earlier, the master cylinder delivers fluid to the slave cylinder, which actually engages and disengages the transmission. If you find that you can’t disengage your transmission or you can’t change gears, you need a slave cylinder replacement. You might also need a master cylinder repair. It’s not easy to know until a professional gets under the hood of your car.

Leaking Brake Fluid

If you notice a leak under your car or on your engine, it could be brake fluid. If you see leaking brake fluid but your car is braking fine, it could just be a small leak. Alternately, it could mean that the fluid is leaking from your cylinders. You need to have it inspected quickly, because you don’t want your clutch or your brakes to fail.

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