Should You Do it Yourself or Look for Stump Grinding Services in Arlington?

Should You Do it Yourself or Look for Stump Grinding Services in Arlington?

Cutting a tree down can be expensive, and often the tree stump will be left behind unless the homeowner pays extra to have it removed. Many homeowners will want to save money and will have the stump left in so they can do it by themselves when they have a little bit of spare time. However, depending on the size of the stump, this might not be the best idea and it might be better to contact a professional for Stump Grinding Services in Arlington.

Digging by Hand

This is possible if it was a small tree that was young and had shallow roots. Dig carefully all the way around the tree, exposing as many roots as possible, and remove the stump all at once when it’s completely exposed or use an ax to chop out pieces of the stump to remove. This takes quite a bit of hard work to accomplish.

Pulling It With a Vehicle

This is possible when the tree was small, like the above way to remove a stump. The homeowner can attach the stump to their vehicle and slowly move the vehicle away from the stump to pull it from the ground. Care needs to be taken with this as trying to pull the stump out can damage the vehicle being used if the stump is too large or the roots are too deep.

Stump Remover Chemicals

A homeowner who wants to try this route will need to drill holes into the stump and add the special chemicals into the holes. Then, they’ll need to wait for at least four to six weeks for the chemicals to work. Once the chemicals have rotted the stump, it can be pulled out by hand easier than if the chemicals hadn’t been used. This allows homeowners to remove larger stumps on their own, but takes a significant amount of time and does involve the use of chemicals.

These three options all have downsides that a homeowner is going to want to consider carefully before they decide to do the stump removal on their own. For a fast and easy way to remove the stump, the stump grinding services in Arlington are vital. Request A Free Estimate today to see how much it might cost to have the stumps in your yard removed instead of trying to do it on your own.

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