Protecting Your Pillow Block Bearings

Protecting Your Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow block bearings are an essential ingredient of many different types of machinery. They work as part of a system to make certain conveyor guides, mining equipment, and paper machine rotors function according to specifications. However, without proper protection, the bearings within the casing comprising the pillow block could quickly suffer from premature failure. In states such as Texas and Virginia, where mining and drilling equipment depend on longevity and reliability, companies are careful to choose pillow blocks with durable and effective seals.

They Come in Pairs

Oil seals for pillow block bearings come in pairs. These protector seals fall into one of two basic categories:

1. Non-Contacting: The name indicates the existence of a relatively small radial air gap between the two sealing components: rotating and stationary. While still non-contacting those with elastomer rings will come into contact when at rest. Non-contacting bearing protection seals are available in two basic configurations: labyrinth and repeller.

2. Contacting: Often these consist of dual-face magnetic seals. Favored by Texas companies who opt for reliability, however, the traditional designs do not address specifically shaft misalignment.

Recently, research has produced protector seals that do attend the concerns regarding shaft-to-housing misalignment. A change in design to a spherical contour gives latitude to the bearing protector seals to adjust. This applies to both contacting and non-contacting types of protective seals. The result is operational capabilities that deliver effective sealing of the bearings while obliging angular misalignment.

Pillow Block Bearings

Bearings are responsible for making many different types of machinery run smoothly. If you want to protect them and, therefore, ensure the unimpeded operation of the equipment, you need the right type of purpose of a bearing protector seal. This will to prevent fluids, solids and/or debris from either entry into or exit from the chamber containing the bearing. As a result, reliability-focused companies in Texas can prevent or at least reduce the premature failure of pillow block bearings.

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