Is a Workstation Crane the Right Choice?

Is a Workstation Crane the Right Choice?

If you run a fabrication service, you probably have the need to lift and move heavy materials. You might presently be using a lift truck but this can sometimes create problems. In fact, there may be a better solution for your business and it involves the use of a high quality overhead or workstation crane. This equipment is very efficient, practical and can do the work of a lift truck while providing other benefits.

What are Overhead Cranes?

Cranes are lifting mechanisms similar to hoists, except they can lift items and also move them about. Suppose you need to lift a heavy piece of metal so it can be machined or threaded. It might not be feasible to try and fit a lift truck into your work area. Yet, with the right kind of lifting equipment, you can pick up the metal, place it in the right area and then easily remove it once it has been finished.

The Solution Could Be Over Your Head

Some businesses buy buildings and they may already have a good workstation crane system in place. However, they may still continue to use lift trucks. It could be time to study available space and equipment and a more effective and safer method could be readily at hand.


Safety is always a concern in the workplace as accidents cost everyone. Each year many accidents happen with lift trucks and the less they are used, the fewer accidents are going to happen. In addition, in shops with limited space, lift trucks can be an ongoing hazard as support beams are often hit and damaged.

Installation Issues

Changing from lift trucks to cranes may be easier than you think. For example, there is no need to install expensive heavy support beams. In fact, if you buy a quality made gantry there is no need to install beams at all. These units are self contained and also have wheels so they can easily be moved about.

You can choose adjustable or fixed height gantry cranes and if you want something easy to move around, choose a gantry workstation crane made from sturdy aluminum. They can be manual or electric powered.

Greater Efficiency

Consider this, one day you are paying one person to operate a lift truck and the other to run a machine. After installing the right workstation crane, it only takes one person to do the job of two. When you install a crane system running the length of your building, you may be able to greatly increase efficiency and company profits as well.

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