Importance of Proper Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY

Importance of Proper Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY

Proper garbage disposal is essential to the health of individuals and their environment. Some kinds of garbage contain hazardous and toxic materials that can contaminate water supplies and result in wide spread disease. This kind of garbage must be properly handled to eliminate and reduce this risk.

In the U.S., the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the 1976 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 have stipulated the proper method of waste disposal. Individuals and businesses who do not follow these procedures may be prosecuted. The following are some of the benefits of proper Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY.

Prevention of Disease and Pollution

Improperly disposed waste materials can contaminate the soil and environment. Solid waste materials are usually incinerated, but this can result in the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Proper garbage disposal procedures require the use of special liners to prevent these harmful gases from escaping. Also, other precautions are necessary to contain the methane gas released during the burning process.

Improvement in Public Health

If garbage is improperly disposed of, it causes a deterioration in public health. There have been cases where unregulated dumping of waste material resulted in the chemical poisoning of the surrounding area. Such hazardous waste material must be disposed of according to the laws and processes stipulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Proper garbage disposal processes help to prevent and reduce respiratory illnesses thereby increasing the overall health of the public.

Reduces Depletion of the Ozone Layer

The emission of methane and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere has contributed significantly to the increase in global warming. These gases are classified as greenhouses gases and have been known to deplete the earth’s ozone layer. These gases are often emitted through the improper burning of garbage materials. If these gases continue to be released into the atmosphere, it may result in an irreversible increase in Earth’s temperature.

To ensure and safeguard environmental health, it is essential that garbage materials are properly disposed of. Home and business owners who want to enjoy the benefits of proper Garbage Disposal in Orange County NY should engage the services of For more information and to make inquiries about their services, visit the website.

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